Corail orange

Corail orange, plongée du bord

Red Coral at Waikiki, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Le corail orange est un mur au départ de Playa Chica, Puerto Del Carmen. La principale attraction de cette plongée est le corail orange (Dendrophyllia Ramea), rare et magnifique!

Drop down at the end of Playa Chica bay and head over to the reef. As you reach the start of the reef you can see the Little Wreck. Sometimes you can find really large grouper hanging out here! Follow the wall around keeping an eye out for the majestic angel sharks swimming below, but at the same time don't forget to look up as tuna, amberjacks, barracuda can be spotted! As the reef bends to the left start having a look in all the different crevices. There is a stunning piece of red coral hiding! After you have seen the coral start heading back up the slope - keep an eye out in the sand for sleeping angel sharks and rays!

Comme plongeur open water vous pourrez plonger au dessus du tombant. Si vous étes plongeur advanced open water alors vous pourrez descendre explorer  les parties les plus profondes du récif (dans la limite de vos certifications)

Minimum: 0m

Profondeur moyenne: 20m

Maximum: 30m