Amazing day diving!

Wow! What a day!!!

  • Stunning sunrise this morning in Puerto Del Carmen
  • Sandy crab on midnight Reef, Lanzarote

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise and thought today is going to be a good day and we were right!!!

We set off bright and early to collect Toby & Warren from their cruise ship watching the sun come up along the way. We had a brief look at the new harbour and it looks very nice! We must go for a longer visit soon and check out the shops!!

This morning we had some great dives, seeing lots including a couple of seahorses, several octopus and a large trumpetfish - and that was only on the Harbour Wall! This afternoon we headed off towards the Cathedral and as we left Playa Chica bay a massiveeee rough tail stingray swam straight past, quickly followed by a sighting of a sleeping butterfly ray! Simply amazing!

We've got some exciting dives planned for this week, a couple of dives in Charco del Palo on Thursday and a couple in Playa Blanca on Saturday. If you fancy joining us send us an email or pop into the shop to book your dives!!

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