Baby Angel Sharks being spotted regularly!

Baby Angel Sharks being spotted!

Baby angel shark spotted in lanzarote while scuba diving, plongee sous-marine PADI
We love September because we get to see these little beauties! So far this week they have been spotted by several of our PADI discover scuba divers, our PADI open water diver students and we even found one while practicing search patterns on the PADI rescue diver course!
The baby angel shark tends to be found in Playa Chica bay living underneath the sand! They tend to be around the length of your forearm and are really difficult to spot!
The Angel Shark is fully protected and listed on the Wildlife and Countryside Act by the UK government. They used to be considered abundant in the Atlantic Ocean but now the angel shark is critically endangered. We consider ourselves lucky to be one of the places on our planet to see them and watch them grow!
Have you seen a baby angel shark? Tell us about it!

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