Diving Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca!

Great day’s diving exploring Playa Flamingo!

Playa Flamingo is one of our favourite dive sites to go visit, why...because it's like an aquarium! There are so many fish!! There are huge shoals of bastard grunts, cow breams, barracuda.

Today we had a great day out with Mick, Jeff, Richard, Ally, Willie and Keith. We did two dives at Playa Flamingo. First of all we started off by diving to the right and then after a short surface interval to the right.

Playa Flamingo is perfect for all levels of diver, it is a nice and gentle dive with a maximum depth of 18m. We start by dropping down into only a couple of metres of water, usually you can find a shoal of barracuda waiting to welcome you to their dive site! From here you can either follow the site to the left or right and have two completely different dives. To the right you are more likely to find the huge shoals of bastard grunts and cow bream. Today there were a couple of shoals which were so densely populated that they created a black cloud above us! To the left is some great topography. Make sure you look in the crevices and underneath the rocky topography as fang tooth morays can be frequently seen at Playa Flamingo! Another favourite which can be seen is the trumpetfish. Today we were like to watch two dancing together, playing in and out of the rocks!

If you are diving in Lanzarote and love fish - this dive site is a must for you!


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