Great first day on John’s Photography speciality!

Dreamy dive to start PADI digital underwater photography course!

John at the start of his digital underwater photography dive

John has taken an interest in photography for most of his life. Living in Africa his main subjects were the animals on safari. Today we introduced him into a new side to photography and a whole new world of subjects…underwater photography!

We started on the dive along the reef of Playa Chica, heading towards one of the most photographed underwater subjects around, seahorses! Along the way we spotted a seastar which should have been a perfect subject to start practicing white balance with, well not this seastar! This seastar was on a mission to hide from us! So we would have to find something else to practice with…Rachel's freshly painted nails!!!

Looking at overcoming colour loss

Looking at the effect of colours - auto


Looking at the effect of colours - using white balance

White balance

Looking at the effect of colours - using flash


One of the biggest things we battle with in underwater photography is the loss of colour, the deeper you go the more you loose, starting at red working your way through the spectrum (like the colours of the rainbow!). These 3 shots were taken at 10m. The first photo was in automatic, we can see some colour to the nails but the nails look more purple. After that we had a look at white balancing, this brought a lot of the colour back to the photo but...not as much as the flash! The colour of Rachel's nails is the most accurate in photo 3!

Angel shark in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

We took many photos throughout the dive but this final shot is stunning! We had 1 minute left of our safety stop when John points behind Rachel's back - an angel shark was swimming straight past us! We quickly took the lens cover back off, tried to get the settings right and swam as fast as our fins allowed! Eventually we got ahead of it and got this fabulous shot!

On Wednesday we will continue John's digital underwater photography course, where we will be looking closer at controlling exposure! Check back with us to find out how John get's on!

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