Well Done Claudio!

3rd December Claudio passes PADI deep diver speciality course in Lanzarote, Plongee

Deep Diver Certified!

Plongee Claudio deep diving in Lanzarote, Canaries
What an awesome dive to the Shrimp cave this morning to complete Claudio's PADI deep diver speciality course!
We have had some fantastic deep dives over the last couple of days. Ollie's favourite part of teaching the course was the nitrogen narcosis test! Claudio was doing really well but struggled to find numbers 3 and 4!
Plongee Sunfish spotted on grouper run!
Sun fish have been spotted over the last couple of days - what an amazing rare sighting!

What is the PADI Deep diver speciality?

The PADI deep diver speciality is 4 dives. On the first 2 dives you can dive up to 30m and the last 2 dives you can dive up to 40m. During the dives you look at different factors that are affected by depth. Two of our favourite things to look at are pressure and Nitrogen Narcosis!

During the deep course we look at different objects and how they are affected by pressure. One of the most used items is a Coca-Cola bottle as it compresses very easily and we can re-fill it using our alternative air source. One funny item to use is a packet of crisps! The bag sucks to the shape of the crisps and when we surface they are back to normal and still edible!!

Nitrogen Narcosis affects every diver differently, some feel it while others don’t! We use different timed tests to see if it affects our students! The one we used with Claudio is find the numbers in the correct order on a jumbled up slate! He was over 10 seconds slower at finding than at 40m then at the surface!

Plongee Golden Sponge nudibranch spotted on deep dive in Canary Islands
Plongee Barracuda spotted on PADI speciality Deep cours in Lanzarote!

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