Waikiki, boat dive

Red Coral at Waikiki, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Waikiki is a 5 minute boat ride from Playa Chica, located directly in front of Playa Grande. The most stunning thing about Waikiki is the huge branching red coral where you can regularly find trumpetfish hiding around it!

Drop down into 6m and you will reach a little reef, move swiftly over it, save this for your safety stop. Head down the lava flow arm and you fill find the stunning red coral hidden away. When you reach the reef you have 2 options stay at the top or drop down to check out the overhangs. The overhangs have lots of groupers lurking in the shadows. As well as colourful anemones tucked into the crevices. The leopard nudibranch is also spotted here regularly! When you are ready move slowly back up the other lava flow arm and see what you can find! Along the way watch the sand slope as big roughtail stingrays and angel sharks have been known to hang out here!

Open water divers can visit the reef.

Advanced open water divers can dive down to check out the overhangs and reach their maximum depth limit of 30m.

Minimum depth: 6m

Average depth: 18-20m

Maximum depth: 40m

This dive site is so colourful! Perfect for the underwater photographers!