I had never been Scuba Diving before however i had done snorkeling in my early years...but i had always wanted to do it so me and my..now fiance looked on here and found Manta Diving so we thought why not lets go for it so we went down on friday and spoke to Ben very fun to talk to we booked for the saturday 7/3/2015, Ben then told us that they would pick us up from the hotel and drop us back aswell 😀 

On the Saturday morning we were picked up by Joe we were having a laugh all the way there and when we got to Manta Diving we met Ollie he ran through the booklets with us that were given to us by Ben and then showed us into that back where we could get changed, i put my wet suit on....then i had flutters in my stomach...Ollie then came over and ran through the hand signals and safety with us..after that we were set for the beach!! so we walked there not very far! talking and laughing with Ollie, Joe met us there at the beach and showed me and Emily how to put the weight belts on and helped me put my tank on my back we then made our way down to the sea and while we were in the water Joe was running through all the hand signals and safety again that Ollie had mentioned earlier Joe got us comfortable in the water and then we were ready to set off.

Under the water was AMAZING!! i loved it! so many fish..i felt so comfortable under the water Joe was always making sure that we were ok he stuck to us like glue, also pointing out fish..he always made sure we were adjusting our ear pressure the whole experience was fantastic words cant explain.

After our dive we were met by Ben he asked us how our dive went......i couldnt stop smiling i wanted to go back in!! when we got back to Manta Diving HQ we met Rachel super funny and bubbly person we chatted while Rachel showed us our photos. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Manta Diving to anyone going to Lanzarote they are very professional.

Im thinking about doing my open water course next time i have definitely got the diving bug now!!! 

Ben,Rachel,Ollie,Joe Thank you very much for this experience i fully enjoyed myself and will definitely booking with you again.

chrisgannon1986, West Bromwich, United Kingdom