Came to Lanzarote purely to learn to dive (to 18m) with a friend who worked at this dive centre. Maria taught about six of us to dive and she was absolutely fantastic, showed us all aspects of learning to dive, and was very patient.
The other members of staff were really lovely too, Ben and Rach(?) the owners were lovely, as were the man who used to be a postman and a younger man who worked there. (Also free wifi)
It was daunting at first but once we were a bit more used to it, diving was amazing! It was like entering a whole new world and definitely worth having a go at. The only downside is the pressure but that's obviously to be expected.
All the equipment seemed fine and we were run through with how to use and set up all of it, and were given diving buddies to help with this and to keep an eye on each other when actually under water. 
The walk from the dive centre to the sea is not far with all your equipment although the first time you do it you feel like you're being weighed down!

Beth O, Burton upon Trent