No Monday morning blues for us!

No Monday morning blues at Manta!

We're off diving!!!

Seahorse on the way to the Blue Hole

We finished the week on such a high with some amazing dives to the Blue Hole and the Cathedral. Some of the highlights of the day were seeing a couple of seahorses, huge groupers, trumpetfish and a torpedo ray. Also one of the favourite moments for Paul and Edit was going through the bubble garden after visiting the Cathedral! The bubble garden is formed by our bubbles gradually working through the volcanic roof of the Cathedral and coming out in tiny little bubbles - it really is an unforgettable experience!

So we are going to start the new week on a high too! Today we have an exciting day planned we are off to dive Charco del Palo! (Fun fact - most divers know it as Mala but the town we actually dive from is Charco del Palo!) Up at Charco is some fantastic diving, a little tricky entry and exit by swimming pool ladders but its well worth it! The topography is stunning. Hopefully we will get some great photos to show you later!

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